Develop and Deploy a Fullstack Java-Powered Starter Kit

Learn how to develop a fullstack Java-Powered starter kit with more than 10 fundamental features for every web app

Expand your skills and build a reusable web app

A Java-Powered Starter Kit

Learn how to create and deploy a working web app. Check the live demo and try an example of the web app live.

Responsive Web APP

Powered by Bootstrap 4.

Java back-end

Based on Java. No experience on Spring is necessary

User Management

Sign up, Sign in, Sign out, roles authorization and password reset built in.

Developed by Professionals

Developed by experienced Developers, with more than 5 years of experience using Java.

Java Starter Kit

Java REST API based back-end

A starter kit that provides the building blocks to speed up the development of your product.

  • REST API with JAX-RS (Jersey)
  • Users & Authentication
  • Concise code organization

Responsive and easy to integrate with the back-end

TurboVar front-end is based on Bootstrap 4 and uses JavaScript to communicate with the back-end.

  • Powered by Bootstrap 4
  • Only limited knowledge on HTML and JavaScript is necessary.
  • Communicate with the back-end using REST calls
Responsive user interface
Support for internationalization
Users management with sign up, sign in, sign out, password reset and profile update
Teams allows users to create, join, and invite other users organization
Role based authorization
Email notifications with AWS SES
Clean project structure
Project CRUD sample
Log management
Database connection pool management
Dependency management
Database schema
Java 8
HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript
Bootstrap 4
Back-end libraries
Jersey for REST API implementation
Jackson for JSON parsing
JWT for authentication tokens
AWS Java SDK SES for email notification
PostgreSQL for DB interaction
Apache Commons DBCP2 for database connection pool
Front-end details
Uses a MIT Licensed Bootstrap template
Uses JavaScript/AJAX calls to communicate with the back-end
Sign up, Sign in, Sign out pages
Password reset and profile update pages
Create, Read, Update, Delete sample

Try a Demo to experience the content in execution. You can:

  • Sign up
  • Sign in
  • Request a password reset
  • Update your profile on Settings
  • Navigate using the nav links
  • Create, edit, delete a project
  • Search for and sort projects
  • In order to use it, you just need to sign up by registering a name, an e-mail and a password